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  • As part of the Gadhungal Research Program at La Perouse, I have co-authored (with Ray and Dr Shane Ingrey) a chapter on the first Aboriginal words heard by the crew of the Endeavour as part of the Sutherland Shire Historical Association book East Coast Encounters 1770: Reflections on a Cultural Clash. The book will be launched in April.

 You can also continue to learn about Sydney's Aboriginal history online at the following links:

  • Sydstories - The Sydney Airport centenary website launched in 2019

  • Barani Aboriginal Sydney - a detailed guide to some of the Aboriginal people and places around the City of Sydney (accompanied by maps and a guidebook so you can visit the places yourself)

  • Australian Museum - the museum website has information about how Aboriginal people lived around coastal Sydney before the arrival of Europeans

If you think history is important, please read the Value of History Statement launched in 2019 by the History Council of NSW. You can read the statement and endorse it yourself here.


I am taking a break from most speaking engagements in 2020 but will continue to post about any upcoming activities here. I am involved with several events for the 250th anniversary of the arrival of Cook and the Endeavour in April 2020 including: